Who should attend?

Dancehall Master® is for all those who wish to enrich and develop strong technical and cultural dancehall skills. This formation allows students to enrich and develop the dance. It is an intensive training, which requires a personal investment in particular.

The objectives

Provide the best education by offering a rich and complete formation which involves recognized teachers. Through this training we want to provide:

+ Knowledge of dancehall culture

+ A lexical and technical mastery of steps

+ A Development of dancer technics

+ Optimum preparation of the dancer so that he confront evaluations calmly

+ Work on personal development and identity of the dancer

+ Preparation for freestyles and battle

Dancehall Master® Formation


Date : from Septembre 2014 to Juin 2015
Info : One year training.
E-mail : dancehallmaster@yahoo.fr

Dancehall Master® Flavor Toulouse


Date : from Octobre 2014 to Janvier 2015

E-mail : dancehallmaster.toulouse@gmail.com


Dancehall Master® Flavor Mulhouse


Date : from February 2015 to Avril 2015
E-mail : dancehallmaster.mulhouse@gmail.com

Dancehall Master® Flavor Belgique


Date : from February 2015 to Avril 2015
E-mail : dancehallmaster.belgique@gmail.com