Click Clack Game

Click Clack is a universal art conceptualized by Camron One-Shot. It follows a basic rule, connecting music, dance, sport, drawing, design, philosophy, mathematics, solitary game, strategy game and an outdoor or indoor game all in one.


Click Clack is the art of breaking down an entity into distinctive parts and reconnecting each piece to a similar one MODIFICATION.

By becoming one, it creates a universal connection.
The aim of the game is to multiply the connections to reach infinity.

Click Clack is a world of unity, a body where all parts are connected in harmony. A universal connection around one simple rule.

The future is in your feet; where art becomes a game.

The art of Click Clack has already traveled the world leaving hundreds of art works behind him all treasured in a secret museum…

Click Clack Dance

Click Clack Shooz






Click Clack Faces

Click Clack Drawing Universe